It's Me

This is all about me and my life obsessions.
Engineer by training, Entrepreneur by dreaming and Designer by chance.

This engineer turned fashionpreneur attempts to discuss about
  • bits & pieces of entrepreneurship as I discover through my own journey as a brand owner and the never-ending fascination about SEO, e-commerce, creative business concepts, marketing and more;
  • coolest engineering structures and buildings of all kinds; the engineering cells will never die out
  • fuss free fashion; just because I like fashion-on-the-go and as simple as it gets 
  • and well, anything else that comes bouncing my way
Ever since I swapped my pencil skirt for PJs, I am totally open to connecting with interesting people from all over the world who are enthusiastically interested in entrepreneurship, fashion or anything else under the roof. Buzz me if you have exciting collaboration ideas too!